"After using Scott's programs, I can confidently say, He's one of the best!"
 - Heather Hanson • Biggest Loser Season 3 Finalist

How Can a Simple Piece of String Transform You From THICK-To-Thin?!



You might be asking yourself, “Why did this guy whom I don’t know send me a piece of string?” Simple. So you can do what I do; when I want to remember something important...

Tie it around your finger, and then, HOPE you remember why the string’s on there in the first place. HA! Just kidding on the last part. I’m sure your memory is much better than mine. But in all seriousness.

name is Scott Schmaltz. I’m a nationally certified personal trainer, and published author; with over 13 years' experience. I’ve even trained celebrities like Heather Hansen, “Season Three Finalist” on the TV show THE BIGGEST LOSER!

Before I get to the reason why you are reading this letter. Let me ask: Have you ever said this to you or your spouse?

“I REALLY Want to Get in Shape.
If Only I Had More Time to Work Out!”


Guess what? I know exactly how FRUSTRATING it is to feel this way. I also know just how tiring, demanding, and mind-numbingly boring exercise can be after a long day of work and taking care of your family. But you know what?

Fitness is like any important relationship in your life: You can’t neglect it, and still expect it to be there for you. So, the big challenge is,

“How Do You Make Time for Exercise, and Still Have TIME Left
For Your Family and Friends?”

I know this bothers some people when I say this. In fact. It used to bother me too. I used to think that if I’d just work out hard enough, whenever I could; then I’d still get results. But this only lead me to cheat on my workouts more and more...

I got to the point where I couldn’t work out any harder and still be comfortable afterward. So, I’d make excuses about why it was okay to cheat like, “I blew my diet or workout today, so I’ll just skip today and work out harder tomorrow.” But this just got me to where I didn’t want to work out that hard, and it made it difficult to follow through – especially when I had a tough day at work or home.

I realized that I wasn’t alone in this either. Many people feel this same way about exercise and get stuck at whatever weight they’re at, or worse. GAIN more, once they start to spin out-of-control. But this doesn’t have to be YOU...


Imagine Being Able To;
Turn Any Space Into An ELITE Workout Facility.


Over the years, I’ve realized that the easiest way to lose weight, stay on track, and still have time for your family is to not only have expert advice come to your DOORSIDE, but to also be able to utilize that advice; when it’s the most convenient.

Announcing: “Scott’s Workout of the Month Club”

When you get started. You will receive an Exclusive Member’s Welcome Kit which includes your: "Official Welcome Letter". Showing you how-to use your programs, providing you with motivation and success strategies, and information for customer and technical support. Plus;

Bouns Item #1: FREE VIDEO (Get a Gorgeous Body Workout) - $57 Value

Bonus Item #2: FREE CD – Building Your Foundation (Exercise-Induced Anxiety, Are We Too Smart To Suffer From This?) - $43 Value

Bonus Item #3: SIGNED COPY OF MY BOOK – Weight-Loss (Get Skinny! The Six-Week Body Challenge) - $17.95 Value early response only

That's a $117.95 VALUE
- FREE just for signing up!!
Then, after your "Welcome Kit"...
Each monthly Workout Video is bursting with:
• Customized monthly packaging. Making your videos; easy to reference.
Full routines you can do wherever and whenever you want. Even with family and friends.
• Pointers on "how-to" exercise with correct form; BETTER RESULTS, LESS TIME.
• Video disc with instructions on transferring your workouts to your: Android, iPhone, iPad, or other smart phone and tablet devices.

Weight-loss exercises that sculpt and define:
• The JIGGLY parts under your arms – GUARANTEED.
• Your waist line, thighs and butt, creating a firm - more LIFTED shape.
• Developing a younger, more youthful appearance


“Okay Scott. What's the Cost For This Incredible Program!”


To join a BIG GYM FACILITY. You could easily pay up to $1,700 A YEAR! Which doesn’t even include your membership start-up fees, or that you will have to pay EXTRA for special services. Such as a personal trainer. Plus, you will most likely be stuck in a 24-month contract loaded with hidden fees. And that’s just to gain access to where an ELITE trainer may currently be working.

Then, it’s around $300 A MONTH to get started with an ELITE trainer, and that’s IF you can get past all the fierce competition for his or her time and manage to get an appointment reserved.


You're getting HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS’ worth of my expertise and training – each month – at nowhere near my monthly rate, and you don't have to compete for my time.

Your entire investment with me is:
Only $57 to start!

My contracts renew on a monthly basis. Only $57 per month. There are no additional charges or hidden fees. You can cancel at any time with a 30-day written notice. Email works great. Then you're done. That's it!

“So, What's the Catch? Why
Are You Practically GIVING This Away?”

There’s no catch. Trust is the cornerstone of any good relationship. Without it; I jeopardize your SUCCESS. If you’re too busy focusing on the financial side of our training, it leaves you with very little time to focus on your goals. So, please let me take a moment to explain my “BIG GYM RESULTS – Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee"...

- Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee

I offer a RISK-FREE MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. Try it for a full 60 DAYS. If your “Workout of the Month Club” video disc shows up:

Broken, damaged, scratched, missing, or won't play...I'll replace it at NO COST. Just call customer support (toll free) 1-877-675-3703. Leave your full name and address, and I'll send your replacement right away.

Most importantly, if you don't experience BIG GYM RESULTS after 60 days. I'll refund your money, and you still get to keep your "Welcome Kit" and “Workout of the Month Club” videos. YOU CAN’T LOSE!


To receive this opportunity. Click on the PayPal button below or call: 1-877-675-3703. Respond by July 31st, and get a signed copy of my book as a free bonus!

P.S. My “Workout of the Month Club” will create a BIG GYM, BIG RESULT experience for you wherever and whenever you work out. It can be played on your mobile and tablet devices. Broken, damaged, missing orders can be replaced at NO COST. Call (toll free) 1-877-675-3703. Try it for 60 DAYS. Still not happy. Get your money back. Only $57 per month. Respond by July 31st. Receive a FREE copy of my book!!!
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